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Welcome to MauMag, the bimonthly magazine of Maumelle, Arkansas. MauMag is a magazine that will explore and discover new ideas, meet talented people, familiarize us with new products and services, keep us informed on technology updates, cover the arts in all its forms, and introduce our palates to culinary creations from around the world. MauMag will also feature articles, essays and stories that are authored by contributors who are considered as authorities in their respective fields.

Our mission is in our belief that it is a good thing to be living in a city that is experiencing a rapid population growth. A situation that requires a quality magazine. It is exciting for all of us at MauMag to bring you a magazine that is not only informative and entertaining, but also trusted and worthy of your support.

Roger A. Frangieh

All the contributors to MauMag are experts and are considered as authorities in their respective fields.

Articles published in MauMag reflect the views of the respective contributors/authors. The Publisher of MauMag does not necessarily endorse and/or recommend those views. However, the Publisher strives at providing and/or introducing articles and subject matter that are of interest and/or concern to the general public.

The Publisher reserves the right of accepting and refusing any submissions. Unsolicited materials are not accepted… This includes articles, graphics, images and opinions from individuals that are not directly associated with MauMag.com.

MauMag is published by RAFIMI Publishing*

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